Brand Names
Cherokee,  Koi, Orange,  Grey's
Anatomy and NRG by Barco,  
Dickies, HeartSoul and Prestige
Medical supplies and accessories
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Rancho Mirage
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36-101 Bob Hope Dr., E-3
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
(760) 202-4800
Pavillions Shopping Ctr

Our new Spring 2014 catalogs are here for all our brands - Cherokee, Dickies, Koi, Barco, Orange, and
our newest brand - HeartSoul!   Call us to request for catalogs.

Sale on Selected Koi Print Tops - $17.98-19.98 (Reg. Price $24.98-30.98) XS-3X In Store Only-No
Special Order.  While Supplies Last!  

Use these coupons and save each month!  (Must present or mention about the coupon with your purchase.  Discounts include in stock
and special orders and cannot be combined with other offers and will be taken at register).  Please let your co-workers and friends
about them.  Thanks
April 21-30, 2014
For every set of scrubs you buy - take 20% off on the reg. priced tops only.  Pants - reg. price.
                                                                               May 5-12 (Nurses' Week) - Happy Nurses' Week!
Take 20% off Koi, Orange and Ecko brands only with purchase of $200 or more, Take 10% off $100-199, 5% off $50-99.99


                                                                            May 5-17, 2014

All shoes, including Exact, Zone and Dickies, Patricia, etc. -- take 20% off reg. priced shoes and extra 10% on
clearance shoes.
                                                              June 9-21, 2014
Take 10% off with your purchase up to $49.99, 15% off - $50-99.99, 20% off-$100 or more - tax excluded on
July 1-12, 2014
All red, white, blue scrubs - any brand, take 20% off on reg. priced items and extra 10% off on clearance and
already 20% sale items.   Happy 4th of July!
                                                               August 4-16, 2014
Take 20% off all Littmann sthethoscopes, 10% off all Prestige brand stethoscopes and 10% off all accessories
worth $10 or more.
                                                           September 15-27, 2014
For every set of scrubs you buy, take 20% off on all the regular-priced tops only or 10% off on clearance or
already 20% sale tops with the regular-priced pants.
                                                                     October 20-31, 2014
All Holiday print tops/jackets for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (can be special ordered) - take 20% off
on reg. priced items and extra 14% off on clearance and already 20% holiday print tops.   Happy Halloween!

November 3-15, 2014
All jackets, labcoats, long-sleeve shirts, vests, white tops with collars - take 20% off reg. priced and extra 10%
off on clearance and sale items.  Happy Thanksgiving!
                                                                      December 15-24 and 26-31 (Happy Holidays)!
Take 20% off reg. priced scrubs - any brand and extra 14% off on clearance and already 20% sale scrubs - any
aount on total purchase (tax excluded on subtotal).

We will be closed early on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31, 2014 and closed all day on Dec. 25, 2014 and Jan 1st. 2015!

                                                                    Discounted Group Orders

We hope you will consider doing a group order because we offer discount, free
shipping/handling, and we even sort out your order - all you have to do is distribute them to
your staff!  Free gifts with your order while supply lasts!


What  brands do we carry in each store?

In Rancho Mirage we have:  Koi, Grey's Anatomy, ICU including for Men and NRG by Barco, Cherokee
Workwear (men and women), Core Stretch , Luxe by Cherokee and Dickies' EDS and Generation Flex for
both Men and Women and Cherokee's Flexibles and Proflexibles.

In Indio, we have our newest brand, HeartSoul,  Koi, Orange, Grey's Anatomy, NRG, widest selection of
Cherokee Workwear, , Luxe, Flexibles, Proflexibles (including for maternity wear), Dickies' EDS,  Xtreme
Stretch and Generation Flex. We carry mens' scrubs in Cherokee Workwear, Luxe, Core Stretch, and  
Dickies EDS.  

We always have clearance racks and 20% sale racks in both stores!  ICU by Barco are all 20% in Rancho
Mirage store!

News on Littman stethoscopes
To all our customers who like to buy very cheap Littmann stethoscopes online, BEWARE, you might be buying stolen merchandise.  
There are a lot of scammers who pose like they are customers who order via email or phone to medical supply or uniform stores like us
and order a very big quantity of Littmann stethoscopes and pay with stolen credit cards.  We are warned by Prestige Medical and
Littmann companies to be aware of these scams that are going on a while ago now.  We actually almost got scammed twice already!

Please don't patronize these online sellers of Littmann that sells them at a very low price because if they do good business, they will just
do the scams over and over again.

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